Saturday, March 5, 2016

Ask 'em too how'd they do it: THE BAGUIO THEY PROMISE

That's one thing Mauricio Domogan didn't exactly tell us when he promised, back in 2010, that he will solve the city's garbage problem in the first few months of his administration if he's made to sit as mayor again: HOW HE PLANNED TO DO IT.

Six years, two terms, and millions of pesos later, the problem persists.

But while I may have criticized him over policies - his proposal to cement over the Melvin Jones grounds for a parking facility and to put gates around Burnham Park, the fencing projects at City Hall, etc. - actions that I believed were contrary to the welfare of this city and its residents, the fact is Mauricio Domogan is my Mayor today, whether I voted for him or not. And as a resident of the city he leads, it is my responsibility to do my share to help uplift the quality of life of the people of Baguio.

This coming elections, Domogan is asking for another term: should we give him the chance? Running against him are:

- Perennial opponent who posted the biggest threat to Domogan's reign in the 2013 elections by trailing by only 4,000 votes as opposed to the 2010 elections where he trailed the incumbent by almost 20,000, and

- political returnee, former judge Del Claravall.

They will all promise us a lot of things, and with all the challenges that Baguio is facing today, hearing all those promises will give us a glimpse of the direction this city will take under the leadership of these candidates. But more than that, as a voter who isn't 100% decided yet, I'm really interested to know how exactly they plan to deliver those promises. I owe it to the city I call home to place her under a competent leadership, and The Baguio We Want Movement's local candidates' forum on Monday, March 7 may give me that opportunity.

For more information about the forum, click HERE to access the event page on Facebook.

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