My first commercial photography gig: images for this then upcoming spa in Baguio called North Haven in 2004, which I shot using a borrowed 3.5 megapixel Canon point-and-shoot...

"Exhale 1" - Model: Syrel Amazona-Navarro

"Exhale 2" - Model: Syrel Amazona-Navarro

At the waiting lounge of North Haven Spa

(After submitting to and getting the approval of the client, I remember her admitting that she was kind of disappointed when she saw the tiny camera I pulled out from my pocket during the shoot and doubted if I could come up with any usable images at all.)

There were also a few images in this collection where I used a film camera (Nikon FM2)...

I don't think this was used for any
advertising material, but I like it anyway

Shortly after, we were able to get our first DSLR, an Olympus e-500 and North Haven Spa needed new images...

Though I don't go out there presenting myself as a wedding photographer, I've done a few weddings... here's one done with a single camcorder for the video clips and one DSLR for the photos(this was before the advent of DSLR cameras that can take videos, 2007)...

When shooting weddings, I try not to stage scenes, I try to stay out of the way and just capture what's there... my idea of documenting a wedding is for the participants - the bride, the groom, their loved ones - to be able to relive the moment when they look at the photos and watch the video, I want them to remember how that special day felt and not how the scenes were "made to look" beautiful...

The Punzalan Ruby Wedding Anniversary
and renewal of vows (2013)

More images from the last few years...

Mr. Reynaldo Bautista, adopted son of Natonin, took me on a trip to this secluded town to take some photos of his adopted home...
Natonin, Mt. Province

Rice terraces of Natonin, Mt. Province

A hill somewhere in Alfonso Lista, Ifugao
along the road toParacelis, Mt. Province

A day in the life of women farmers
Water's always a great subject... 

More images from the Cordilleras...

Called this "Blessed,: taken somewhere
along Loakan Road

Sunrise in Atok, Benguet

Banaue, Ifugao

Her majesty, The Cordilleras 

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